We are an inclusive, democratic, and community based LAFC supporters group, founded on May 20, 2015.

We believe that every member should have the power to make a difference in our group and the 3252. Each Expo has a voice in our SG.

Expos are among the most active supporters in the 3252 since, and even before, its inception. We are song leaders, event coordinators, 3252 directors, creatives, and more.

We stand behind the net in section 104 every home game. Those who join us are expected to stand and sing all 90 minutes.



Pre-founding; online fanpage 

May 2015 - March 2016

The Expo Originals were created on May 20, 2015 under the name 'LAFC Supporters Group' as LAFC's first original SG.

From our inception, we have been devoted to our inclusive, democratic, and community ethos.

For nine months our members collectively discussed the name. On March 16, 2016, the winning selection was unveiled alongside a praised member designed crest.


The Expo Originals had officially arrived.

Since then, Expos have been highly involved in creating and maintaining the 3252 as well as the active support culture surrounding the club.

March 2016 -  Present



  • Expo Park is the historic home of our stadium

  • Originals are defined as pioneers, the first of many, standard setters

  • With Expo + Originals we make a statement about what we represent and where we come from