A Statement from

Fernando Varela

Co-Founder of The 3252 &

Nominee for Director of External Operations

           It was over four years ago when I first discovered LAFC and its vision of a community first football club unlike any other in North America. As a fanatic of the sport with roots in the football culture of Buenos Aires, I fell in love. Since then, I have dedicated my life to building and cultivating the active support culture that The 3252 is known for today. It hasn't always been easy, but the experience I've gained from the ups and downs have made me a better leader and individual.


          That experience is part of the reason why I have specifically decided to run for the Director of External Operations position. While this director's most notable job is to organize the pre-game tailgates located at Christmas Tree Lane, their duty also extends to most 3252 events and gatherings that take place outside of the stadium. These are all responsibilities that I am familiar with. From planning the original layout and tailgate experience before our inaugural 2018 season, to organizing dozens of LAFC related events, meetings, negotiations, and more. 

           It has been very rewarding to see the original LAFC vision come to life, but now it is time to look ahead. If elected, my plan is to not just maintain, but build upon the pre-game experience we enjoyed last year. I have already drafted plans that would debut at our home opener on March 3rd intended to bring LAFC supporters closer than ever before. If successful, not only will your tailgate experience improve, but the ripples will be felt with an even better atmosphere in the stands.

          In order for any director to accomplish their plans, they will need the help of the surrounding 3252 community. Communication with 3252 members, supporter group leadership, LAFC club personnel, and security is among the most important responsibilities of any 3252 director, including External Operations. In my time within The 3252 I have worked with all of the above countless times and have even built close relationships that will only make the External Operations position more efficient.

          The responsibility of growing The 3252 and our Club is not one I take lightly. I am confident that my existing knowledge, creativity, and forward thinking attitude are the ideal match for this position. 


          This Club is not my passion, it is my religion. As a 3252 Director I will work every day to continue building and improving our unique culture. A culture that we will one day pass down to our kids and they will one day pass down to theirs. These are the thoughts that motivate me. We've only scratched the surface of our potential and I'm excited for the future of our club and our fan base. 

           Forza LA!

           Fernando Varela

           Nominee for Director of External Operations